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  1. Ive never met Fluffy in person, video messaged, called on the phone, NOTHING. And yet he picked up on my energy right away and even asked my question for me! That’s right, he already knew what my question was going to be! ???? And then the cards he pulled and the messages he intuited for me were also extremely relevant, and made me feel so impressed by his innate abilities. More importantly, I felt a sense of relief for being fully SEEN, and feeling that I was right where the Universe wanted me to be if Fluffy’s reading for me was so accurate. It was obvious to me that Fluffy puts his all into his readings and genuinely cares about his clients and using his services for the greater good. I’m so thrilled to have been introduced to him, and look forward to working with him more!

  2. Jason
    Graciously gave me a wonderful , intuitive and well guided tarot reading. He was so accurate and spot on in certain areas . I was blown away. Would highly recommend his talents! ?????

  3. Fluffy’s Tarot reading for me demonstrated his virtuosity as a psychic and interpreter of Tarot. He was able to tell me, sight-unseen, exactly what I’m working with now and he saw and reconfirmed what I’ve intuitively known and astrologically confirmed about past-life experiences that echoed some of the themes and learning edges in this lifetime.

    Fluffy’s encouraging, direct, challenging and inviting approach called me forward to stand in my power now, to do what I know is the right thing, even though my cognitive mind can’t totally wrap itself around it. I highly recommend his work to anyone seeking clarity, courage, and strength!

  4. Thank you for the reading. You have given me information that I had not thought about before that I can research!

  5. Well he is definitely an in depth reader he went that extra mile and I’m happy with his ability

  6. Jason’s reading zeroed in on several key areas that I had awereness of, but his confirmation provided the validation I needed to continue on the path. Highly intuitive and guided by next-level wisdom, Jason has a gift. Thank you.

  7. I cannot wait for Avalon to reopen so I can get a Tarot Reading in person from Jason again. His unique style is so refreshing to me and is layered with deep insight. He provides a positive message and feeling even when there are heavy messages related from the Universe. I really appreciate Jason’s gifts and come June 1st I will be calling Avalon to book an appointment with him.

  8. Jason is an intuitive beyond definition.
    I came to Avalon Visions a few years ago with a burning question that had tormented me for years.
    He gave me the answer to my question, and not longer after it manifested.
    Today I asked Jason a new question, and I am confident that his answers and reading are truth.
    Will update at a later time.
    Jason. Is. Gifted.

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