Talismans, Trinkets and Tools by Fluffy


I am a crafter. I naturally bring in and store excess ambient energy. I have a hard time discharging it back into the either through meditation or grounding exercises. This extra energy leaches into the objects I touch, charging them up and enchanting their natural properties. I am told that I make sacred tools, wards, and other metaphysical objects feel extra shiny and potent.

I can speak to the energy within objects, especially crystals and stones and metals. I am drawn to copper and hematite especially. When I work with a stone, I am asking it to work with me to accomplish a purpose…to heal, to protect and to inspire.

I was raised Christian, and my best friend was Wiccan. I used to watched Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and I would gain inspiration from those TV shows and craft magickal tools and charms for my friend. They worked far more efficiently than anything my friend could buy, or was given. I would write an origin story for each object that would provide it power, purpose and prestige. As I got older, I realized I was simply awakening those objects to their true purpose and giving them an identity to grow into. Those items become the protagonist of the stories I wrote. Words have power, and I gave the items I was making those words.

The objects I crate are either a form of protection, something to help gaured people against unwanted energies, or as a trinket, something that draws in or attracts particular energies (such as luck, abundance, or love) or it is a tool, something to help direct a persons energy to accomplish a goal during ritual or some sort of working.

I regard each object as a person, whose is a friend, and that I am simply asking them to help be of assistance to other people, and to ask as an inspiration to enable the human it is destined to work with to help make the world a better place through inspiration and enabling a greater connection to the creator. By showing respect and gratitude, I find myself in aloginemt with the creator and I end up with some amazing tools that just glow with a sort of healing energy that people seem to glow with an amazing potential.

If you have an experience with one of my creations, and would be willing to provide feedback, please do so by leaving a comment here

No Tangle Pendulums

The pendulums I make tend to never get a knot in their chain. It is possible to get tangled, but it has not happened yet. I tend to stick my pendulums in my pocket and just leave it there until my pants get washed. I use a magnetic hematite bead at the base of the pendulum. This causes the chain to cling the bead, preventing it from knotting up. The beads are attached using a copper wire. Both the hematite bead, and the copper wire were selected for their metaphysical abilities. They both conduct energy, help ground and center people and amplify a persons’ intuition. The other beads are glass, and they hold energy just as well as a normal quartz bead.

I choose not to indicate which stone the pendulum is. I encourage people to select a stone they are drawn to, while being present in the moment. Each stone does have a predetermined set of metaphysical uses, and that is not all that helpful in selecting a pendulum.

Selecting a pendulum is about feeling energy, finding the stone that resonates with you, and is something your intuition helps you select. This is a process you should feel your way through. Involving your brain, and making a selection based on facts just lessens the magic.

I purposely choose to use glass cats eye beads on the top of the pendulum to add a touch of beauty and color. I avoid using particular stones to discourage people from thinking too much about what the pendulum can do, and how it should function.

I do make sure that the pendulum chain has a clasp on the bottom so you can use the chain on other pendulums.

When I am done crating the pendulum, I program the hematite bead to connect to the persons intuition, and bypasses the persons mundane self. The answer we will get addresses the question we are trying to ask, and ignores the question we are physically asking. The pendulum will either give a yes or no answer…but we will receive a “download” of some sort that contains the real information we are wishing to receive. That information packet will include the question we should be asking, and the response to that question.

There is a lot of lore about pendulums and how they work. I used to believe that I needed to know how to ask the right question to get the information I wanted. The answer I get is dictated by the parameters of the question I am asking. This mindset is accurate…but only because we get back what we put in. We are telling our higher selves and the universe how we want the creator to interact with us. So we choose to self limit that interaction.

I have learned how to connect to the creator and have a conversation while doing tarot. I leaned that I can do the same thing when I pick up a pendulum. The pendulum then becomes a physical que to my subconscious that it is time for me to enter into sacred space so I may listen to the whisper on the wind. With this in mind, I ask the stone to connect with us spiritually, so we may gain a better insight of the situation, and the solution we are seeking.

Selenite Pendant

This pendant is made out of Satin Spar (often labeled as selenite), Hematite (bead) and Copper (wire). It does not need to be worn all the time. It should be exposed to your aura for a bit of time each day. Hang it next to your bed, or in your car is sufficient. The copper wire will tarnish and turn the satin spar a greenish hue, and that can discolor clothing and other cloths and skin. If this isn’t something choose not to worry about, then you can wear it daily.

Satan Spar is self cleansing and is not supposed to hang on to old energy…but that is through normal use. The copper and hematite bead turns the crystal into a super energy discharger. It actively draws in excess and old energy to be removed. Eventually the crystal tires out and stops working effectively.

Leaving it on a windowsill during the full moon will help it rest and clean itself. Using sage or any other sort of smudging practice will also suffice.

Please read the links I am providing. They will give you an idea of what the pendant can do. The satin spar opens up the higher chakras, the hematite opens up the lower chakras, and the copper balances the chakras and creates a conduit for energy to flow. This allows a person to bring in energy from the earth, and from the divine and send it up and down through their aura, creating a complete circuit of energy. As the energy flows, old, stagnant and unwanted energy is released out through the bottom of the aura into the earth. This is why the Hematite bead is pointing down.

The copper encourages the energy flowing to stay organized, and to flow within the meridians of the aura in a more efficient manner.

The satin spar draws in positive energy and dislodges the unwanted energy that is in our body so that it can be moved.

When the 3 minerals work together, something interesting happens. It feels like there is a hole in the bottom of the aura and a lot of yucky energy starts to drain away, and positive energy comes in to replace that which just left.

Meditation helps speed up this process. Visualization of what is happening provides instructions on what needs to happen.

Satin Spar



Each of these minerals are effective at what they do on their own. Each one naturally amplifies other stones. When they work together, they enhance and complement each other greatly.

Another cool thing about this pendant is that it also functions as a wand. Hold it in your hand and imagine energy is shooting out of the bead…You can use this to cut energetic cords. This tool can be used as a form of protection, as a healing talisman or as an aggressive tool. If you do use it as a tool to work energy, do so with intention and draw in external energy so you do not use your own reserves. You may use it also as a pendulum. The hematite bead is programed the same way as the ones I placed in the chains of the pendulums I made (look at the first product on this page).

I then took it even further. I took the 3 separate minerals, spoke to the energy they contained and merged them into one entity, so all parts work as one unified whole.

I then asked it to take on a purpose and to actively work with the aura, and the person’s higher self to help bring in light and love, and to find unification of the mind, body and spirit. I ask the pendent to help the wearer to find inspiration and a more efficient path to achieving their purpose.

*Caution* Eventually these pendants will tarnish. The copper will oxidise and turn green. This will bleed into the crystal as well. It may leave traces of the tarnish on cloth and on the skin. The Satin Spar is made out of a salt so it will dissolve over time if exposed to moisture, and can shatter if dropped or impacted. I take no responsibility for any potential damages to property or to the pendant.

Moon Water

Information forthcoming