The Fluffy

I am Fluffy, gotta love me!

Through tarot, I help show the way for the healers to self-heal, the warriors to fortify themselves and for the leaders to find inspiration; so they may move into the shadows cast within the light to find sanctuary. 

I see you as the best possible version of your self and I and my goal is to help move forward with intention, courage and excitement. The tarot is just a tool I use to help you design a plan of action to allow you to step forward into your own power and claim that which is uniquely yours.

I am either a wolf pretending to be a human or a human who is pretending to be a wolf. I no longer care who or what I am. I simply am. Sometimes I have fuzzy ears on the top of my head, while sometimes I wear an interesting hat to keep my balding head warm. I use laughter to heal myself and help sooth those people who seek me out. I study the laws of attraction and of manifestation. I am a wolf who has no teeth to bite with. I am a shaman, a follower of Jesus Christ and a reformed Viking.

I currently live in Santa Cruz, California, on the west coast of the United States. I work at a local food bank packaging food to feed the hungry. In addition to being a tarot reader and shaman, I am a mediation guide, akashic reader, stone mage and energy worker. Please check out the feedback left by previous clients here.

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