Tarot Readings

Step Into your power, Find your self, meet your future
A wolf stands on top of a hill, howling at the moon, seeking

Do you want to step into your power?

To Show the world who you really are?

Do you have a purpose in this world?

Would you like to have help getting your life straightened out?


Hi, my name is Fluffy, and I can help. I am a psychic and I see people as their best possible selves. I use the tarot to help outline your past, present and future successes and failures. I can help you take those parts of the past you do not like and help you transform them into something useful and postive that will echo back into the present to help propel you forward.

I am also an intuitive life coach. During this pandemic, people can range from anywhere between depression to fear and have an overwhelming sense of anxiety. They may feel lost and disempowerd. We can’t afford to get knocked off our path for any length of time these days. Resources are tight and it’s getting tighter. We don’t know if there is going to be a round 2 of the virus or not. We need to be prepared in case it does. This means we need to be in control of our shadows.

When a person losses their path, things have a tendency to fall apart, and they move from a place of abundance to scarcity. I work with people to show them how to step back into thier power.

I am an intuitive life coach. I have the capicty to see best in people and to draw it out. I start off by using the tarot to establish a baseline understanding of where the person is, and where they wish to go. I provide instructions on how to proceed moving forward.

This often includes custom tailored self affermations and types of self care, and a brief foray into the laws of attraction. For those with a background into spritualy and or paganism, we reinforce this person’s existing practice.

At the second level, I work with this person on a more personal level. I provide meditation sessions where I help them establish a mental space they can go to at times of need and rest. I help them discover some of thier sprit guides.

We worked together to see what spritual gifts are already being used and to find ohter more efficient ways to use them. With the client’s concent, I discover which gifts they have not discovered yet and we determine if it is the right time to devlope those.

The client spends a certain amount of time each week working with me to practice getting staying positive, grounded and keeping a mindset that lets abundance flow in.

At the third level, I kick things up a notch. This is where I begin to show people how to teach what it is that I do. I show them how to heal the healers, inspire the leaders and fortify the warriors.

It is a common practice for the student to learn by teaching ohter people. I have no expectations to have anyone go out and try to teach ohter people, but they do need have a fundamental understanding of what it is I do. They will notice that they simply are living in the flow of things and serindipty is evewhere. They will have a glow about them and people will want to know why. The opportunity to teach will be there.

I aslo spend time in meditation showing my client how to access thier higher self (if they have not gotten to this point at stage 2), and I set aside time and space and show them thier original blueprint…the way they were before life happend so they may start resetting them back to thier original coding.

This phase is greatly dictated by the clients natural gifts and abilities are and what it is they ultimately wish to do.

The biggest mindset I enedvor to communicate to my clients is a basic law of attraction.

You get out what you put in. Thoghts are things and Things are thoghts. The thing you got out, was affected by the emotion you had when you had the thought when you created the thing

If anyone is interested in what I do please contact me.

With Love


I use messenger, Skype and Zoom to do readings. I do not have consistent access to cell tower service to have an uninterrupted reading.  Please contact me via messenger at m.me/Fluffieh for pricing

My rates are not set in stone. I know we live in harsh times with this pandemic going on. What i charge, is aslo  decided to a degree, on  how you are currently doing financialy.   If you liked the reading, please leave a comment here. Payment can be sent to paypal.me/FluffyJay