With the Fluff

A tarot card commissioned by Fluffy. Aka...the Fool


I am known as Fluffy. I am a 3 legged wolf trying to get by in a world of humans.

I help people explore the best parts of themselves. I help them shine a light into their shadows so they can better follow a better path. I provide a safe environment for people so they can begin to heal. I am a meditation guide, tarot reader and general energy worker. I am an intuitive reader. I simply use basic tools to connect with sprit so I may bring forward the needed encouragement to initiate the needed healing work.

I normally use the WildWood Tarot. This deck has a mystical forest theme, with some alternative names for the Major Arcana. The artwork is amazing and inspires the imagination. I resonate with this deck because even in the negative cards, there is a positive outlook on any given situation. I believe we have the capacity to learn and grow from the situations we struggle with. This mindset is reflected in the deck I use.

One of the subjects I focus on when I work with a person during a session, is that of self care. Are they taking the steps necessary to make sure they are taking care of themselves in the right manner? We talk about what they do for a spiritual practice, how do they cleanse their energy, when was the last time they did something nice for themselves., etc. I then ask about the other people involved. The other people may hold the key to resolving the situation if they are approached properly.

I use taro as my main tool to connect to spirit. I am here to help you decide what it is what you want to do. I use my my connection to spirit to help you bring yourself into better aliment with who you really are, so you can make the choices that suit you the best.

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