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Blessings, Greetings, and Hi!

I am Jasper, but most people call me Fluffy. It is a name I picked up a few years ago from a movie. I use the term as a verb. Its a state of being. To shrug off those things that do not serve. To constantly flow back to a place of Joy and gratitude. It does not matter to me if I remain in that state for any length of time. It is the act of getting there that is important. It means I have to set aside my expectations of how things are supposed to be and just roll with it. If I do not like how things are, I need to look at how I am reacting, and ask myself “Do I want to change my response?”

My Story

I am in my late 30’s, Male, am a christian pagan who is currently studying Nordic paganism, I live in California, and I work in a small spiritual store. I am a tarot reader, I am an intuitive healer and energy worker. I can amplify or reduce an objects (living or or inanimate) metaphysical properties. (Which means I can make a healing stone more healing, and a sleep inducing herb more potent). I am able to lay my hands on a person who is in pain and allow the body to relax and to drain away part of the illness ([physical, mental or spiritual) that is bothering them, so they make take steps to start the process of “Self Care”

As I have mentioned, I am christian and pagan. I grew up in the basic church. I kept on getting in trouble for reading the bible and ignoring the people in power who were telling me how to interpenetrate things. There was a passage in the bible (1 Corinthians 12, v 4-11) I grew up beveling in. I wanted to follow in the example of Jesus Christ, knowing that he had the same gifts that normal humans had. So, as an adult, I explored paganism, and I found what I was looking for,

I have been bullied most of my life. I know what it is like to be told that I am worthless and will not amount to much. For me, my wounds, my traumas and scars are what gives me strength. They help me keep my fire lit. I heal the healers, I inspire the leaders and I fortify the warriors. I have noticed that I can speak to a persons heart and they can hear me. I do not care what a person does, how they do it or why they do it. I need them to be at their best when they are doing it.

Why am I here?

I am publishing this website right as the Corona Virus has just hit my area. I am basically stuck inside my home. I have no idea what my work schedule is going to be like. I need an online presence. I am setting up an online presence so I can take my healing skills to people across the globe. I am an amazing tarot reader, I can send reiki long distance, and I lead guided meditations  online, connecting to people anywhere.

I need a centralized location as a landing pad for people to find me and discover how I can help them get oriented and connected to me in the right way. I have a Facebook and Instagram presence as well that needs to be tied together.  I want to this website be where people ask questions for them to  post and receive materiel that can enable them to step into their power.



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