With the Fluff


I am known as Fluffy. I am a 3 legged wolf trying to get by in a world of humans.

I help people explore the best parts of themselves. I help them shine a light into their shadows so they can better follow a better path. I provide a safe environment for people so they can begin to heal. I am a meditation guide, tarot reader and general energy worker. I am an intuitive reader. I simply use basic tools to connect with sprit so I may bring forward the needed encouragement to initiate the needed healing work.

I normally use the WildWood Tarot. This deck has a mystical forest theme, with some alternative names for the Major Arcana. The artwork is amazing and inspires the imagination. I resonate with this deck because even in the negative cards, there is a positive outlook on any given situation. I believe we have the capacity to learn and grow from the situations we struggle with. This mindset is reflected in the deck I use.

One of the subjects I focus on when I work with a person during a session, is that of self care. Are they taking the steps necessary to make sure they are taking care of themselves in the right manner? We talk about what they do for a spiritual practice, how do they cleanse their energy, when was the last time they did something nice for themselves., etc. I then ask about the other people involved. The other people may hold the key to resolving the situation if they are approached properly.

I occasionally use the Elder Futhark runes as well. While we talk, I often draw a rune to fine tune my questions so we may get to the heart of the matter. At the end of the session, I usually have the client pick a rune and a rock. I write the rune on the rock, I then bring forth a ball of energy, and set it into the stone, bringing the rune to life. The client then places the rune by their bed so it may help the client bring more of that particular runes energy into their life. If we are I will ask them to draw the rune on a piece of paper instead, and empower the rune remotely.

I am also a meditation guide. I often put together meditations for people to follow. I run regular sessions usually once a week, followed by free tarot readings once a week. These are done via zoom and can be found in my FB group “With the Fluff.” Most of my meditations are found on youtube. (Look on the menu under links to find the relevant info)

I charge $45 for 20 minutes. You can ask as many questions as you like, and I will keep on drawing cards. I will not tell you what someone else is thinking or wanting. It is not my place to pry. I avoid answering question about time, money and health. I am here to help you decide what it is what you want to do. I use my my connection to sprit to help you bring yourself into better aliment with who you really are, so you can make the choices that suit you the best.

Please leave me feedback on my comments page here. I am addicted to Dr. Pepper, so any donations made to my soda fund will be very much appreciated. paypal.me/FluffyJay 

If anyone is curious, I lost my right leg below the knee in July of 2021. This experience transformed my life. I had a custom tarot card made to tell the story of what happened to Fluffy. Please check it out at fluffyjay.com/intro/the-fluffy/