Imagine being free to express your self.

Imagine doing self care as easily as you breathe.

Imagine stepping into your best self.


Welcome to With the Fluff,

You are now in the Fluff Box, the space where I, Jason (aka Fluffy) help people connect to their dreams and discover the best way forward. I can be reached directly via text at (831) 201 2380. Scroll on down to find links to his payment information, and social media. Keep on scrolling down to find the video of a moment With the Fluff.

I frequently make tools, talismans and other magickal trinkets. Most of the objects I create are designed to be used in ritual, to help clesne people or spaces, or bring in luck or prosperity, A list of those objects can be found here: https://fluffyjay.com/sacredtools/

Forms of payment:


https://square.link/u/pcVrrvbX (credit card)


Social Media:


This is my main page for tarot on FB. Please hit like, so you may see more of my content. I often post a card of the day, or host free readings or other events.


This is a metaphysical store in the Soquel/Santa Cruz area in California. I participate in or hold various events here. Currently, there is a monthly psychic fair that I do tarot at. This is held the second Sunday of each month. Please hit like on this page, so you do not miss any of their events. Avalon Visions also has a unique device called an Aura Camera. http://avalonvisions.com/aura-photography/ It currently says that this service is unavailable, but as long as you are wearing a mask, and are vaccinated, you can take the photo.


This is my FB group for With The Fluff. People are encouraged to post content they find inspirational, or talk about their personal growth, or anything that is humorous or a form of self empowerment. iF you would like to join this group, please do so.


This is my tiktok account. This has video of some of my tarot videos, and has records of some of what I went through when I lost my lower right leg in 2021. This is more of a personal record of my journey than anything else. Please follow me on the ‘tok so you may keep track of how I am doing.


Everyone who puts content online has a youtube channel. Take a look at mine. This has most of my meditations on it. Some of this was done while I was in the hospital after my first and second Amputation in 2021. More content is being added as I make it.


I am extremely user friendly. Please reach out to say hi. Id love to chat with people and see how they are doing. I create a safe container when I work with people. What happens in sacred space, stays in sacred space. I am a practicing pagan, and I use a lot of the things I learned to help people heal, and become better versions of themselves. All I do is help guide people on the path they are on.

You likely reached this page by going to withthefluff.com. That address is a simple redirect to my main website, Fluffyjay.com. Most of my online content uses #withthefluff. I hope this makes it easier for people to find me online.

I have gone through alot of trauma since the beginning of 2021, I chose to go with humor over grief with the lost of Mr. Right. I figured out who I am, and who I wanted to be.

Thank you for taking the time to look me up.

Take care,

Jason Hottel